Local businessman gives High Point some ‘Green’

Donations aid development.
It may not be Christmas already, but that hasn’t stopped Michael Tate from getting into the spirit of giving.
Tate, an owner of St. Sebastian based The Green Production, donated $3,500 to the Huron central college campus May 12 for campus development.

Green Day promotes helping environment

Marion College is giving students a chance to clear the air. On Friday, Apr. 4, the Foster campus in Marion will be host to its first annual Green Day, an event intended to raise environmental awareness.

Bands from High Point Region featured in free double album

Sound@Huron officially launches today. The spotlight is on 40 bands from the Huron region and one Huron College student wants everyone to hear about it, literally.

Hello, playoff championship!

The Eagles will travel to Springfield to take on their College in the regional playoff championship.
The Pultneyville Eagles women’s volleyball team is advancing to the regional championship playoff tournament in Springfield.

A hole lot of oil

A 50-year-old expense. Students may have noticed the large hole being dug near the Pultneyville campus loading dock in early December, but they may not know what was going on.

New dining without breaking the bank

Few dining experiences offer a sophisticated atmosphere and gourmet dishes on a student budget, but Dolce Vita’s (or Dave’s Dolce Vita) in St. Sebastian is one of those few. Dolce Vita’s is at 40 Fourth Ave. in St. Sebastian.