New Theater Season Opens next week

On the next Monday, The Street Theatre kicks off its season with the American play of Andy de la Tour’s “Viva,” directed by Maximilian Stokes -a “fast, furious and physical farce” about a Central American Revolution and the CIA’s frantic efforts to frustrate it. Clementine Leonard is featured.

Dwarf Avocados’ Giant Rewards

For the production of fruit for the home gardener, the dwarf avocado tree is ideal. The tree is a miniature specimen, never reaching more than 10 feet in height. The fruits are standard size with a shiny green pear shape and nutty-buttery taste.

Revised Fire Station Plans Draw Questions

The proposed addition to the city’s Locust fire station 44 at 2nd and Williams Streets has undergone some radical surgery since it was initially revealed last month.

Rezoning Request Raises Controversy

Will housing and industry continue to coexist as cheek-by-jowl neighbors in the city? This question provoked heated debate at a community meeting called to discuss a request to rezone part of the now heavily industrial eastern part of the city and restrict it to residential use.

Soup to Sinful Desserts

Just a short time before Beasley’s Deli opened in 1989, the leaflets hit the city – leaflets that were really detailed menus of promised deli delicacies previously unavailable in the neighborhood.

Street Trees Sprouting at the city

Tired of looking at power lines and the glare of asphalt streets? of breathing the freeway exhaust of 101 and 280? of the din of Muni buses and poorly muffled motorcycles? There is an antidote, and it doesn’t necessarily mean checking into a bed and breakfast up in Williams Cafe.