It’s all about Bleach

In the description of talent, movies, and other things performative, critics are often reduced to describing the thing reviewed as the progeny of two already known—and popularized—entities. It’s reminiscent of the shtick on Conan O’Brien where he combines the faces of the famous, and sometimes the infamous, into an absurd baby pic that would result from such a tryst. The love child of Saddam Hussein and Martha Stewart- a strange looking kid who resides in a preciously decorated cave. It is the ultimate postmodern formula for publicity- marry two pop-cultural known to describe the next new thing.
Now we have Jerome Johnson, whose curriculum vitae makes him stand out as accomplished even without the benefit of being a cross between. Johnson has had previously successful one-man shows and has written in myriad formats— about fashion, in the Men’s Fashion of the Times Magazine Section, a love advice column in Out Magazine, and horoscopes for Word. Com. In addition to being a genre-crossover, he has also contributed to NY Magazine, the NY Observer and The Village Voice.
All this aside, of whom is he the postmodern love child? Well according to Entertainment Weekly, Jerome Johnson is a cross between Derek Stone and Helen Brook. Which is better, one supposes, than being a cross between a turkey and a kangaroo.
His current show Bleach, will give him a chance to define his own distinct style and wit for us, as it utilizes monologue, vignettes, dances, and rants to take on our over-designed, over-marketed lives. With this as his theme, perhaps he would appreciate the irony of his own marketing. To see exactly what Jerome Johnson is a composite of check out Bleach, through the next month at Theatre Butterfly, 2823 6th Street. Tickets are $15-25 and can be purchased by calling to the ticket office.

Dan Sears

Dan Sears is a writer at the Union Press Daily newspaper and a self described media enthusiast. With a Masters from High Point University he shares a strong love for education. He loves sharing the stories in the community that matter as well as highlighting the people that matter.