City Friends Formed To Help Fund Projects

For over 90 years the City Friendly Neighborhood House has provided services to people in need. Young men and women have been kept in school and away from drugs and crime with the help of innovative “Nabe” programs. Whether it’s summer jobs, senior lunches, programs for the developmentally disabled, meeting space for community groups, or recreational activities in the gym, the Nabe has it.

And the Nabe is being called upon to deliver more and more services while resources keep shrinking. Government and private contributions are being reduced but the needs continue to grow. The beautiful building at 1002 Maple St. -designed by Hanna Mary Smith, and proclaimed a Landmark many decades ago -is in constant need of expensive maintenance and upkeep.
In order to find other ways to ask for private donations, the Board of Directors has announced the formation of “Friends of the Nabe,” an organization of people who want to be regular- helpers in the work of the City Friendly Neighborhood House.
Membership has several categories:
– For $25, a member is kept informed of all House activities;
– the $100″ Supporter” category gives information, and, in addition, two season ticket gift to the Nabe’s Multi-Ethnic Theater (MKT),
– for §250, an “Angel” will receive the above benefits, plus u beautiful coffee table book of photographs of Julia Morgan’s work.
A special party to welcome the new “Friends of the Nabe,” and introduce them to the House takes place on Sunday, next week, from 3-5 p.m. For more information, you can contact the Nabe administration.

Kathy Bergan

Kathy Bergan is a journalist who’s always on the quest for a great story. She is a passionate writer, and community reporter dedicated to capturing the positive vibes of our community, focused on creating a brighter tomorrow for the next generation. Using her storytelling skills as a way to understand different perspectives, she is committed to understanding the depth of human interaction and communication. A strong advocate of introspection, her philosophy is to always live her best and happiest life.