New Theater Season Opens next week

On the next Monday, The Street Theatre kicks off its season with the American play of Andy de la Tour’s “Viva,” directed by Maximilian Stokes -a “fast, furious and physical farce” about a Central American Revolution and the CIA’s frantic efforts to frustrate it. Clementine Leonard is featured.

Next up is “Lloyd’s Prayer” by Kevin Kling, a “loving comedy” about an angel, an alcoholic con man turned evangelist and other oddities. David Hawkins directs, with Darren Goodwin and Jon Bennett; opening on Wednesday.
The third offering, scheduled for this month – and the first of two co-productions with the Berkeley Rep’s (BRT) Parallel Season -will be “In Perpetuity Throughout the Universe,” by the award-winning Eric Owens. The comedy is set in a New York City vanity publishing house specializing in right-wing fantasies, where “paranoia is profitable.” Directed by Berkeley Rep’s Sharon Ott, the play features actors from both companies.
The second co-production with BRT, “The Stick Wife” by Darrah Cloud, will follow in the next month. Set off by the Birmingham, Alabama church bombing that killed four black children, the play –a major hit in Los Angeles and Hartford, Connecticut -is a tale of power, sexuality, and marriage, directed by Eric Malone with members of both acting companies.
Next, a world premiere commissioned by the Street opens next April.
“Angels in America” by Tony Kushner is sponsored by the Street’s New Plays Development Fund, with underwriting by the Alexander Gerbode Foundation and the National Endowment for the Arts. Expected to be an exciting and controversial event, Kushner’s play is set amid the chaos following the ‘angelic’ announcement that God has vanished from Heaven, AIDS is sweeping the planet, the ozone layer is in shreds and Roy Cohn meets Raisa Gorbachev as we hurtle toward the millennium. Ericson will direct.
To complete the Street’s six-play subscription series, the West Coast premiere of Constance Congdon’s “Tales of the Lost Formicans” will open on May, ‘18. A futuristic anthropological examination of sub-urban life in “Formica,” Colorado, the play is described as “wacky, hilarious and heartbreaking.” Added to this ambitious season, in association with The Sea Theatre Co. (STC), the Street’s Hanna Owens will direct Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” in Green Valley.
Wait! There’s more! Once again the Street’s Monday night Discovery Series will offer five readings of new works under consideration for future production.

Raymond Adams

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