Dwarf Avocados’ Giant Rewards

For the production of fruit for the home gardener, the dwarf avocado tree is ideal. The tree is a miniature specimen, never reaching more than 10 feet in height. The fruits are standard size with a shiny green pear shape and nutty-buttery taste.

These are self-pollinating trees without the need of a companion. With shiny green leaves and a natural forming canopy, they do not have to be pruned to maintain the size or form.
These beautiful trees begin bearing fruit at a very young age. Usually, at about five years from seed, they are mature enough to begin fruiting. They bear heavily every other year. From June through August beautiful shiny green high-quality fruits will delight the avocado aficionado.
With very few natural enemies, except snails, these trees require very little help to stay healthy specimens. A small strip of the copper band around the trunk will keep the snails from crossing and the tree will be protected. There will be no need for poison sprays or pellets.
Dwarf avocados can take full sun or partial shade. They are evergreen and tend to become dense with foliage. Baby tears make good ground cover under the tree. Impatiens are also very good and will produce color.
When first planting a dwarf avocado, prepare the soil with loose amendments twice the size of the container. Make sure the tree does not sit in clay soil or in a drainage section of your garden. If the roots are allowed to remain soggy, the plant will suffer and may die.
The all-important factor in growing avocados is good drainage. Most of the root area will be in the top two feet of soil. Avocados require frequent but not deep watering.
Every fourth or fifth watering should be deep, however, to wash away any salt buildup. Food with high iron and acid should be supplied to cure any deficiency should it occur. Citrus, azaleas or rhododendrons make great companion plantings.
With any luck, you will have envious friends and neighbors in no time.
HAPPY GARDENING! If you have a garden idea or a plant problem to share, contact the local gardening association.

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