One down, one to go

Bicyclists, pedestrians, and residents along Lincoln Avenue are celebrating on Saturday. Traffic calming improvements have already produced new median islands, bike lanes, a dedicated Muni lane, reduced car traffic lanes from 7th Street to the freeway maze, and turning restrictions at 5th and 3rd Streets.

Further pedestrian safety enhancements still in the works include countdown signals and a midblock crossing in front of the city General Hospital.
Our joy is tempered with sadness, however, as we also remember Grace Day, who was killed in 2013 a few months before her fifth birthday by a Muni truck on the sidewalk at 4th and Lincoln. On Saturday, we will gather at noon at the Comfort Garden at the city General Hospital, 2nd Street and Lincoln (northeast corner), to dedicate a plant for Grace in the garden created One to Go in 1999 for remembrance of hospital workers who have died. We’ll proceed down Lincoln to Hannah Embers Park (aka Rose Park and The Farm) between 5th and Cesar Chavez for a party at 12:30. All are invited!
At the same time, neighbors and activists are kicking off similar efforts for Cesar Chavez, starting with the eastern stretch that forms the southern border of the city. The first community meeting will take place at the Sunny Gateway Apartments, 2019 Main at Cesar Chavez, in the community room. The meeting will be at 7:30 pm on Tuesday. If you want to be involved but can’t come to this meeting, please contact Brett Lewis at the city Bi-cycle Coalition by sending him a personal email or call him at the office.

Kathy Bergan

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