Rowing Club Celebrates its Anniversary

You’ve probably seen them around, at the Ramp restaurant, in Woodland Park, in the Woodland Estuary, and hanging out in O’Hara Cove: the rowers in the dark blue rowboat with the Fire Steam Beer logo on the side. That’s the Locust Rowing Club (LRC), the proud owner of the Renegade, a 26-foot rowboat sponsored by Fire Brewing.

Last month the “Renegades” of the LRC participated in the annual Alcatraz Race which started at Alcatraz Island amidst strong current and wind and finished at the entrance to Woodland Park. With the men’s boat taking first place and the women’s boat taking second, they both repeated the 2016 men’s and women’s overall champions for the city Whaleboat Rowing Association. The co-ed team took second place at Alcatraz and second for the overall championship.
The Renegade is a Monomoy hull design (a whaleboat) that seats eight rowers (the engine), has a stern deck for the coxswain (steers the boat), and a bow hook (the motivator). The rowers use heavy sweep oars to row a heavy (2,000 lb.) boat very, very slowly, competing against other members of the Area Whaleboat Rowing Association. The Renegade is docked at the Boatworks (next to The Ramp restaurant) in the Central Basin.
This year marks the 29th anniversary of LRC, a nonprofit club open to everyone, regardless of experience or ability. It is a community-minded group and has sponsored events such as Row for Blind Youth, and done fundraising for charities.
All prospective members are welcome to try it for one month at no charge. Row with regular members on Tuesday evenings at 6:45 p.m., or Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. and learn the hard way about winds, currents, and tides — good science and great exercise. This is the best time to come give it a try. After that, dues are $100 per season or $180 per year.
The racing seasons are spring (from March through June) and fall (September and October); during racing seasons teams will practice 2-3 times a week.
For more information about LRC visit their website.

Raymond Adams

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