Hats off to this little hat shop

Tucked mid-block on a side street in Huron downtown core, a small hat shop stands as a reminder of days gone by, but not yet lost.

Owned, operated and conceived by Patric Gorin, Crazy Cap is a small, successful business selling a quality Crazy product. The brick building itself is small, unimposing.
Those driving past could miss it easily. Going by on foot is another story. Crazy Cap’s storefront window displays more than product, it displays personality. It’s designed to give the passerby reason to pause. The top of the large windowpanes are hand painted with seasonal artwork.
But it’s the array of hats, leather bags and gloves in the window that draw the eye and command attention. Each item is stylishly attractive. The hats are distinctly different from those sold in department stores. Inside, even on a bitter cold February afternoon, Maxwell greets customers with a sunny smile.
Designing and sewing the shop’s 2017 spring and summer line of hats leaves the 40-year-old certified milliner little time to dwell on the weather. She welcomes customers to browse the store and the working studio in back, where her creations are realized.
True to the shop’s slogan Hats Crazy Fresh Daily, Maxwell sews every day. She has to. “Last year Crazy Cap sold 6,000 hats,” he says. Full-time employee Bertina Logan and two other part-time sewers help Maxwell keep up with the work. “When I’m not sewing, I’m doing paperwork,” Maxwell says. “It’s tiring when you’re self-employed.” Maxwell isn’t complaining though. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it,” she stresses. She says she loves living and working downtown. “I enjoy walking to work every day.”
Much of Crazy Cap’s product is sold wholesale to 70 specialty shops across the country. Maxwell sells hats at about 30 festivals each year too, including annual shows.

Maureen Hasty

I am a British American. Born in the UK, lived in the Austria for 7 years and moved to the US in 2008 with my husband. My two children are grown-up & living in England and Austria. Career wise I started off in nursing many years ago but in the US I found myself working as a teacher’s aide.

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